A festival venue that stands out from the crowd


Use a stretch tent to add intrigue and excitement to your festival.

Want something versatile, showstopping, unique and stylish at your festival? Give your party space a touch of the spectacular with Lunar Stretch Tents.

We can configure the structure of our tents to create an exhilarating addition to your festival sky-line – a flexible venue for your party that stretches as far as your imagination will go! With the option to hire multiple tents, Lunar Stretch Tents can define the entire profile of your event.

Why work with us?

With years of experience working in the festival industry, managing stages and supporting site functions, Lunar Stretch Tents understands working practice. And we know the importance of acting as a team player in a pressure-intensive environment when an event is in full swing.

That’s why our crew excel at communication and are proactive in problem solving. Book us and you hire a commitment to the highest standards of service from beginning to end of your event.

One tent – a multitude of purposes

Our versatile stretch tents can be used in a variety of ways at your festival:

  • Bar – helps keep the beer cool, customers out of the sun or sheltered from the rain while providing an enticing place to gather and socialise.
  • Stage – perfect for smaller stages and dance tents – forming an intimate venue for revellers to party the day and night away.
  • Reception – first impressions last and your guests will get off on the right foot when welcomed by the innovative profile of a stretch tent.
  • Press or Artist Liaison – meet and entertain the media under a cool canopy where they can retreat from the noise and bustle of the main event.
  • Bazaar or Market – accommodates smaller concessions and sellers all under one roof, giving your attendees a chance to browse away from the elements.

Your Next Step

In the first instance we provide you with a complete consultation service to help you understand and realise the potential of a stretch tent to turn your event into a stand out party.