How It Works

A Commitment to Excellence


Until every detail of your tent installation is complete, we won’t leave your site.

Booking a tent for your big day, special occasion, festival or your corporate event is an important decision. Get it right, and you have the perfect backdrop for all kinds of fun, entertainment and even adventure. If something goes wrong, then it impacts absolutely everything else.

At Lunar Stretch Tents we appreciate the weight and importance of this responsibility. That’s why we have established and proven customer service procedures and checking processes to give you all the necessary reassurance and peace of mind, so that the last thing you’ll be worrying about on the day is your tent.

It’s about more than just a set way of working. You’ll find our personal approach can accommodate last-minute changes or difficulties with a forward-thinking attitude that always achieves the result you want.

Our Process

To ensure we meet your expectations, we utilise the following step by step approach:

  • First point of contact – after you make an initial inquiry, we contact you via your preferred method to have a simple conversation about the type of event you’re hosting and the facilities you might require.
  • Consultation meeting – during a face-to-face session, we talk through every aspect of your event and aspirations, giving you an idea of costings from our set price list based on different tent configurations.
  • Firm quotation – once we have established how many crew will be needed to support you on the day of your event, we furnish you with a finalised quotation and the terms and conditions of our service.
  • Booking – after an agreed deposit is paid, we confirm your chosen date. Please be aware that due to demand we recommend that you book at your earliest possible opportunity.
  • Site inspection – prior to the event, a full survey is conducted to establish any challenges that may be faced by the installation crew, allowing us to anticipate these difficulties and work out solutions.
  • Tent installation – using our established techniques, we quickly and efficiently work to erect your tent in the set time frame. There’s always time to make changes too, should you need to revise anything at the last minute.
  • Interior set up – finally we help you position and place all the features and furnishings inside the tent, letting you find the ideal arrangement for everything that’s needed to make your event go with a swing.

Checking Procedures

At Lunar Stretch Tents we employ extensive checking procedures to inspect the structural integrity of the tent, ensuring that everything has the pristine and clean look that we strive to achieve with every single installation.

We also perform all the appropriate Health and Safety checks in line with a firm risk-assessment policy. Keeping your guests safe and free from danger is of paramount importance to us and we take this matter very seriously. We have a 100% record on safety, without a single accident or incident resulting from the use of our stretch tents.