Creating the Ideal Internal Environment


At Lunar Stretch Tents we’re all about that under the canopy experience

Let Lunar Stretch Tents handle all the details needed for that party atmosphere. Our in-house team furnishes you with those essential creature comforts necessary to transform your structure into a haven of relaxation, fun and excitement. Tell us your plans – and we do the rest.

We provide you with all the background elements necessary for your occasion or party to take off. These are the simple environmental elements needed to support your furnishings and features. We create a solid framework, allowing you to develop your own specific character and feeling throughout the space.

Our Interior Elements

Lunar Stretch Tents can supply you with the following…

  • Flooring – define the look of your interior. From Dandydura® corn matting coupled with simple interlocking plastic flooring through to carpets and even full wooden flooring.
  • Lighting options – choose from ambient and static lighting sets. Festoon and fairy lights available with coloured or white bulbs – create an intimate, bright or even a traditional feel.
  • Generators – need the electricity for your party? We can supply a range of generators that power everything from the band’s amplifiers through to your phone charger.
  • Staging – form a solid base for your band or presentations with our modular staging, which provides you with the facility to create a flat surface even on undulating ground.
  • Heating – can be supplied on the day of the event if necessary. Consisting of patio heaters and indirect marquee heaters that are able to circulate hot air around the tent’s internal space.

Functional Equipment

Do you require a PA system and a microphone? How about a fully staffed cocktail bar for your evening? What about entertainers and musicians? Thanks to our extensive third party connections, Lunar Stretch Tents can help you find everything you need, whether it be frivolous or essential.